ICO Uniforms announces agreement with Westin Hotels

The Miami based Uniform Apparel and Design firm is pleased to unveil its partnership with the Premium Luxury hotel brand.

Miami, FL, January 15, 2019  — ICO Uniforms is delighted to announce its agreement with Westin Hotels to outfit the premium luxury hotel brand’s Americas workforce. ICO will also create the wardrobe specifications for the brand’s global partners.  The partnership highlights ICO’s commitment to providing an authentic and progressive in-stock based uniform collection for international brands and businesses at a competitive price point.

The Miami-based uniform company and New York-based hotel brand entered into an agreement at the end of 2018. Over the next 4+ years, staff at Westin Hotels across the Americas will integrate ICO’s contemporary and bold styles into their day-to-day operations. ICO has tailored the perfect wardrobe to match Westin’s one-of-a-kind hospitality experience, first class service and total commitment to the well-being of their guests and staff.

“This program is inspired by our 6 Pillars of Well-being, Westin’s wardrobe approach celebrates quality and richness of fabrics yet includes subtle and simple designs at the crossroads of high fashion and athleisure wear”  George Fleck, VP Global Brand Management & Marketing, Westin, Renaissance & LeMeridien

Besides having the coolest in-stock apparel and accessories line in the business, ICO offers a comprehensive suite of design resources for sophisticated custom uniforms that perfectly blend style, wearability and functionality. The goal is to provide more than just a uniform—ICO makes clothing that employees actually want to wear and look forward to wearing.

When brands engage ICO, they gain a partner focused on improving employee and guest experience. ICO prioritizes an interactive design process which begins with a complete brand immersion. From there, ICO builds wardrobes utilizing modern in-stock foundational pieces finished off with one-of-a-kind signature styles.  In-house designers and stylists work very closely with clients to build a modern working wardrobe that will perform across disparate locations, geography and climates. Branded lookbooks, videos, and styling guides are developed, and a personalized web portal is set up for purchasing.

“The new clothes our associates will be wearing are as stylish as they are functional ensuring comfort and well-being for our associates so they may rise and be the best versions of themselves”  George Fleck

“We believe employees should be able to wear clothing they enjoy wearing and that makes them feel dignified while at work,” said Scott Turk, EVP at ICO. “If you feel good about how you look, you’re going to put your best foot forward and provide better service.  It’s as simple as that.”

ICO is a design-driven Miami-based uniform company that lives in the intersections of fashion and function, style and execution. ICO’s Brand Promise is to “Relentlessly Pursue a Better Uniform Experience” for its clients and their most trusted asset: the people who work for them.  ICO believes that everyone deserves to look and feel good while on-the-job and its Mission is to help image-focused brands achieve that goal. The design house’s continuously evolving in-stock collection and supply chain flexible approach to Custom allows clients to creatively and sustainably bring their inspiration to life.  ICO is a collaborative firm motivated by the dual passion of making great clothing AND providing a best in class service experience.